She didn’t know what has happened to her.. Why is she missing him now?? It has been a long time since they departed but well, when have they actually met.. They have never been for each other.. They just met on a road of life.. Knew each other.. Shared their stories.. And with no further promises, they separated to discover another beautiful paths of life .. She didn’t fall for him, she thought.. Bt he has taken some part of her with him, now she came to know..
She  thought she’ll forget  him like others.. And she almost had.. She never thought of him, ok atleast in a while, but now she was desperately missing him.. And she don’t know the reason..
She never missed him so much.. Not in the harsh winters of her life … Yes winter, the so called season of love, was unable to make her miss him… Not even she missed him when she was enjoying the seaside cool breezes in the hot sunny days of summer.. She didn’t think of him even in the romantic rains.. Not even the blossoming flowery spring brought his memories..
But now, when she is walking on the road covered with yellow leaves falling from the trees, clutching her warm sweater,on the fog laden road ahead;she remembered him… She thinks her heart is falling, too, along wid the leaves… She pictured him coming towards her from the midst of fog.. She pictured him hugging her.. Giving her the warmth in the chillness.. She missed him cuz this is the season when she could discover new roads as this is the time when all paths are beautiful… And this is the time when maybe she can meet him, on one of the roads.. And maybe they could meet for forever.. From where they don’t have to get separated.. Nd now she knew that she was remembering him bcz it was neither summer nor winter, not monsoons or spring bt cuz it was AUTUMN…