“So, what’s your status? How many men are after you? Found any who loves you??” These questions of an old friend, who met me today after a long time, kept ringing in my ears and made me think..

Well, I don’t know how many men are after me and ,truly, I don’t even want to know. But I think there is a man who loves me truly.. And loves me in a very odd manner which suits only him.. I mean, this man, whom I’m talking about, has been for a long time in my life but he has never talked freely with me ;yet he knows me very well. I think he has the supernatural ability to read my mind..

I can’t remember the last time we actually hugged.. Forget about any kisses.. He is seriously “old school”. But I suspect he possess the magical power of producing things which I want.I think he loves to see me happy..

Well, he’s also a very jealous man and a paranoid too.. He doesn’t like me talking to other men.. He thinks every man is a threat to me.. Once he even punched a guy hard in the face coz the boy was talking very frankly with me and held my hand jokingly. Seriously his jealousy knows no bounds. Bt this means he’ll never let any men hurt me. Isn’t it?

He even don’t like me putting any makeup. Says I’m best as the way I am – Natural.. Now, I think he really loves me cuz he has seen me in my worst states nd it doesn’t concerns him.

Even being so overprotective, he gives me the opportunity to be strong. He wants me to be responsible and to fight my own battles.. Even when he has given me the permission to run, he is alwyz there to hold me when I stumble. If I come home late at night, u can find him sitting in his chair reading something. And if asked why he is up so late, he’ll just shrug nd say he was unable to sleep in or he found something interesting to read. But the tension radiating from his face clearly speaks that he was waiting for me.. He wants the assurance that I m back home safely.Late at night when I fell asleep, he comes to room, closes my book, covers me with blanket and leaves. Assured that I get my sound sleep.. If it’s not love, I don’t know what is??

But then too his boring advises never stops. He makes me angry. I don’t understand what is the point in explaining a same thing for thousand times..And if he likes me hearing his same lecture then why not just record it nd play it every time he wants to scold me.. Seriously, a lot of his energy and time will be saved.. But now I’ve figured out that he lectures me coz he don’t know any other ways to express his love. Really its not his cup of tea and I forgive him for that..

I know he loves me a lot but he’ll never admit it. But I love him too nd I don’t think even I’ll ever tell him. Well, I thought of telling him once but was scared of his reaction nd hence dropped the idea.. But then, it doesn’t matter right.. the words. Yeah, they are important—actually important—for the people who needs assurance of love from each other. But both of us know that we love each other unconditionally. So there is no need of words..Right? Nd I don’t think I’ll ever find a man who will love me as my old man does.. He is my true love – my dad..