It’s the weirdest place I’ve ever seen, yet, even to my amazement, it seems so normal. You can’t bear the noises of this place.. The clattering of plates in the kitchen, the horrible shouting orders of maa(believe me, they are the best alarms) ;and the high pitched television voices whose volume has been set to highest by papa(obviously to cover up maa’s voice).

The brawling noises of my brother and sister, who are no less than animals when they fight. The loud bhajans and chants of dadima stubbornly trying to oppose the rock songs shrieking from my brother’s i-pod. And how can I forget the unending babbling of my baby sister which continues irrespective of my boredom..

When we fight with each other, the screams can be heard upto the end of street. In normal circumstances, the noises of breaking things can be heard too; as it is the most effective method of anger management (Yes it works, but if you are a younger member.. Then it is a free advice to never perform this dare, anyhow.. Coz it’ll lead to another epic war and you’ll be the victim.. Well I think u got the picture..)

And yes, just in case, if all these noises are not enough then there are always mice;creating a havoc.. Huff!! Seriously, this place can easily be declared as the noisiest place on earth but then too my home have an amazing tranquillity of its own..

I can’t imagine how much this house tolerates. Poor thing.. This much noise, then the perfect family pictures, which is perfect only in pictures, brutally hanged over its walls.. Then there are the scratchings or so called wall drawings (the defined art of my sister) and at the top of all these, the shabbiness it bears..

Cleanliness is a privilege which is provided to it only on the arrival of special guests. Otherwise, however hard you try cleaning, it goes back to its natural state..

Well, whatever happens, this is the only place which provides me peace of mind.. As it is said, “fun can be all around but peace is at home”.The serenity my home has, the memories this place holds, its soothing fragrances, its coziness.. they are just awesome.. Staying away from them, I learnt their value.. Nd I miss it as I miss my family.. Coz its not just a house, its my “home”…