12 years have passed.. 12 years of wait.. 12 years of desperation.. 12 years of longing… Only I know how hard it is.. To wait.. To remain ignored.. Its a long time, you know.. Nd waiting is never easy but I never complained.. Bcz I knew that my wait would be over some day.. I knew that the people whom I love will come back to me someday.. I just can’t imagine how difficult it would be for people who wait tirelessly for someone.. They are really patient ones..

But I m not that patient.. I want attention.. I want to be noticed.. Well, I know it’s not that nobody visits me.. But come on, who don’t need pampering.. And I, frankly, love it..

Afterall what more can I do.. Yeah I can travel.. But u see, I have boundaries.. I can’t go nd meet each and every one of you.. So I wait for u..

Well, after a long time I m happy today..All of u have come to me.. U r pampering me.. U r taking care of me.. Respecting me nd worshipping me.. Nd I m enjoying it.. Seriously, all of u have filled me with joy and love.. And I bless you all .. Afterall what more a river can do.. May all of you get ur wishes fulfilled, my children.. Just remember me and respect my waters..It is limited u know.. That’s the only wish..
– Ur Kshipra..
#sihansta 2016