Terrorist.. That’s what they say me.True isn’t it?? Coz thats what I love. I want the world to be terrorized by me. They must’ve to be afraid of someone and I make sure that I am the one!!

Well, there are some idiots out there. Preaching that love is the ultimate power, you can win anything by love and blah blah .. I tell you what.. They are all wrong!! Love gives you nothing more than pain and suffering.You can’t get your belly filled by love. You can’t have the money to sustain.You don’t get the power to survive.You know what love can do.It screws you like a jealous whore!! It takes every ounce of you and leaves you to die on scraps.

People don’t do anything out of love. They r mean.. They need to be terrorized.. People, even, worship their so called God  when they are afraid of their troubles.Surely they don’t want to be burnt in hell.So they go on for offering prayers. If God can terrorize people,why can’t I??

People tell me a sadist.I don’t know if it’s true or not but I want my wishes fulfilled. And that can happen only when I have power.. And power can be obtained only by terrorizing people,only by destroying them..