Crush or love?? What you are to me, I can’t define. Coz I’m too confused.I mean yes you were a crush when I first laid my eyes on you. One look from you was enough to sweep me up off my feet. And I totally felt crushed.

But you can’t be a mere crush to me. Afterall, I spend 24×7 hrs thinking about you. Doesn’t matter I’m brushing, eating, travelling, working or even sleeping, you are always on my mind. I dream of you. You are the first I think about after waking up and the last before sleeping. A stupid grin sticks to my face when I think of you.

You look at me and my world turns upside down. You say hi and I feel like I am at top of the world. Our eye contacts are my most treasured memories. I check your timeline atleast five times a day. I can risk everything for seeing you once. Once I even stalked you upto the coffee shop, just in case you’ll see me and ask to join you. But my bad luck!! You didn’t even notice me. Well, I know my stupidity knows no bounds when it comes to you.

Now, you see, how can it be just a crush. I think it’s something more deep. Is it love?? Nah! it can’t be.  Coz love is.. well love. It’s a big thing, falling in love and it can’t happen to me. And the usual signs of falling in love were also missing. Neither did I feel butterflies in my belly nor my legs turn jelly, when you look at me. No winds blow and I don’t even hear violins playing in the background. I don’t save your pics as my wallpaper neither your name comes in the passwords. Nope!! I’m not that crazy about you. And I don’t even dream of spending my whole life with you. So, you aren’t love either.

So much confusion, right?? My mind too blow up when I think about you. But my mathematical mind has solved the problem to some extent. I think an inequation can define you. Lets say, you are ‘x’ then,
Crush < x < Love

I think you are just an eye-potion for me so that my boring life get some glitz. Yes dear, no lovey-dovey, babu-shona feelings for you. You are more than crush but less than love..