As usual, she starts to get ready. Artistically, she drapes her black saree(which always earned her cheap comments) over her blouse(that’s very revealing according to some). She applies make-up to cover up the deeply printed scars on her skin,the worthy gifts from her pimps.Then she puts on red lipstick, the so-called trademark of being a slut. She kohls her hopeless eyes and makes them glitter,pins up her hair in her own way and adores her legs with payals . All of which can get her extra nasty names.

After a few touch-ups she seems ready, now, to face the outside world. She turns towards the  door but a shiver runs through her. “YOU ARE A SLUT!! “, “BITCH”, “SUCH A WHORE.. She, instinctively, closes her ears with her hands but the menacing voices kept echoing. She remembers the pain, the suffering. It all gives her goosebumps.Her heart thumps loudly inside her. She whispers a small prayer asking for bravery. Afterall, she has showed much courage till now. She can bear it again today. “You can do it”, she tells herself. She draws in a deep breath, makes her stance confident, lifts her lips in a smile and opens the door.

She comes on the floor. Casts a look around herself. Many pairs of eyes were on her, watching her intently, as if drilling holes in her. She closes her eyes for a second. The song begins and her dance starts. She forgets about the people around her and dances for herself.She moves like a free bird. Her dance fierce and her movements flawless. Her charisma mesmerizes everyone. All of them seems hypnotized by her swaggy moves. Her sassiness spellbinds them. And with a final classy step she finishes her dance.

She fears to hear the wolf-whistles, hoots and the usual dirty remarks but all she hears is  the sound of claps of the audience and the cheers of her name. “Devika!!” “Devika!!”..Not a slut, whore or prostitute.. She was Devika now.A woman with a talent. She had freed herself from the cages of brothel and now has proven herself. Her heart brimmed with joy and tears welled up in her eyes as she stood on the stage of dance reality show. Today, she realized that it was not she or her dance that was lewd but the people were.