A poem of mine.. Originally posted at The Scribblers.

The Scribbler

With colours of

happiness and peace

she paints her world

vivid and bright

A skilled painter she is


The taste of her hands

tongue never forgets

Her food fulfills

the soul, not just belly

Chef, she be the best


She has remedies

for every malady

Even doctors should learn

her quality to cure

with just love and care


Best singer is she

For no song

is sweeter

than the lullaby

she sings


A teacher like her

isn’t easy to find

Strict on one hand

yet remains kind


Born actress she is

Coz always she pretends

of being alright

even in adversities


Within her lies

a consummate engineer

With her skills

she turns a house

into a home worth living


So many jobs

she does alone

Yet she remains

just a house-wife

For she doesn’t earn


But they forget

the thing to remember

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