Hola everyone.. Warm wishes of Christmas and upcoming year. Yes, I’m here again after a long time. Hope you all missed me 😉Apologies for being away but however hard I try to continue blogging there is always a hindrance waiting ahead and this time it was the demise of my dearest mobile (Sad, isn’t it?) Well, no worries now for I’ve got a new one.  ☺️

So, let bygones be bygones and with the new year ahead here is my first resolution(I hope I keep this)  i.e., being regular on my blog. Therefore be ready for  awesome poetries and posts by me. 😃

Well, this post is not just about blabbering only. I need a help from you, my dears. The thing is an another resolution which I’ve taken is writing book reviews. Yeah, silly though it may sound but I’m afraid of writing reviews (Although idk  if such kind of phobia exists). Even though I’m a voracious reader, I’m worst at writing book reviews. But now I’ve signed up for a review program and have, also,  decided to write review for all the books I’ll read from now on. Hope this will help me in getting rid of the fear atleast. The favour I need from you people is to provide me tips to write a nice book review. Well, thanks in advance for I know you’re generous people♥️. 

Ah yes, what are your resolutions for the next year(I know you all have some even if you aren’t going to keep them 😁).I’ll love hearing them. 

Thankx for enduring this blabbering and please help me.