So the new year eve has arrived.Along with the whole world, your friends too are going bonkers  while you are the black sheep of your herd who is not partying this time. Well, if it’s your will then doesn’t matter but there are also those party animals who are craving to go out but due to some reasons couldn’t.

Exams,Work, Sickness, etc.etc.- whatever may be the reason but you aren’t able to make it out this time and if you are going through FOMO (Fear of Missing Out),then this post is for you . Although it’s not the end-of-the-world thing but yeah it feels.I feel you too, dude and so I’m here —playing your fairy Godmother. No, I ain’t gonna make you go to the parties or anything😂 but I am going to list some advantages of staying out from these parties.Maybe you’ll feel less bad then.☺️ Afterall new year is all about positive vibes, isn’t it?  So, blessings of staying in are : 

1.Save Money : Here it is. The  best reason you should bunk the new year parties(unless you’re a millionaire😉). You mustn’t have listed it, but saving money is always at the top on our resolution list. So yes, give a high-five to yourself atleast it’s a good start.

2.No Hangover : Partying comes with a side effect i.e., hangover and it doesn’t matter if you were drunk or not, the weariness is always there. Therefore, to hell with hangover this time give a fresh start to your new year mornings.

3.You’ll be your parents’ kid : Yes, yes that you are but for once let them have a misunderstanding that you’ve become the kid they always wanted. And if you can spend some time with them, it’ll be a party for them. Though you’ll miss out that hottie at the pub😂😂, but you can brag about your love for your parents when asked about your AWOL.

4.No Krazy Pichas: Parties. Drink. Fun. And then the nonsensical  selfie round. Though all these pictures are going to get deleted but not without some of the craziest,stupidest pictures of each and everyone (which are the most perfect blackmailing elements). So no party, no pictures. Sigh.

5.You’ll be Successful : Every second counts, right?  So,use your time on brooding over your past mistakes, plan your future goals. Give more focus to your resolutions. Be prepared to be a better person(one day can make you better than your moron friends atleast). So cheer up.   Spend new year in a useful way.

Huff!! I did it. So contemplate over this points. Be happy. Be positive and welcome the New year in high spirits, while I go to grab my drinks. Just kidding. 😜

Cheers with ‘a cup of positivitea‘. 

Happy TwoZeroOneSeven.

Kiran ❤️