​”It’s good for you writers, right. You just have to sit at one place and write.Anyone can do this. It’s not like coding and all this hectic task which needs more intelligence and lot of studying. Its easy for you, buddy!”, a depressed-with-work-life friend of mine told me . 

“Easy? You say my work is easy? — My friend —life don’t do easy, it never has. You can’t judge someone without wearing his shoes. You don’t know the predicament of someone whose words, which are his best friends, don’t help him when he needs them the most. You don’t have the right to tell its easy if you haven’t spent sleepless nights searching for all the right things a lover should say to his partner or where should the weapon of murder needs to be placed.Have you ever empathized the feelings of a girl who is raped or that of a mother who has lost her only child in a heart-rending accident? I have, and I don’t think the agony which I’ve gone through then can be compared to the back strains you may get from sitting on the chair. Well, just for the record, I get butt-ache(if that’s a word), too. You know spilling the words on pages, also, needs a lot of sitting. 

Dear, have you ever tried telling a story to a child? Practice it and then you’ll understand what it takes to spun a tale which speaks for all. Yes, I may be just writing fables but you know they aren’t fabulous just like that—it needs patience, skill and, you may think it impossible but, intelligence too. Yes, intelligence, poor friend, for you can’t write about something without knowing the in and out of it. I have to do my research, too. 

You know what sonder is, right?As I quote it is “the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”. You know what, I go through it everyday and I swear on you, it’s not a positive feeling at all. You are lamenting over your problems but I’m sure you’ll forget them as you’ll think of others. 

No, I am not trying to depress you neither am I bragging that I am making huge sacrifices, but I just want to make a point that things aren’t that easy as they seem. By the way, all these pressures are not to be complained of for they make me a better writer. The satisfaction of writing something beautiful and telling words which can change someone’s life is nothing in comparison to the efforts I put. 

I enjoy my work, even the stress of it, because I love it. It’s not always good but it’s worth it. Maybe you should also start loving your work. Try it and maybe you’ll start respecting other’s work too. And just one thing, mate, writing isn’t easy. Thank you. “

I didn’t told him all these that day, but wrote a letter to him because that’s what I do —writing — and I couldn’t have made him realize the value of words without their presence.