Book details :

Name –  Journey from Guwahati to Macchiwara 

Author –  Rajiv Bakshi 

Publisher –  Notion Press 

 Year of Publishing –  2015

ISBN –  978-93-84391-75-1

Review :

If you’re thinking that this book is a travelogue then you’re under a wrong notion,but it definitely speaks of a very interesting journey. 

I don’t think there is anyone out there who haven’t dreamt of telling exciting stories(after getting old) from his experience and flabbergast the younger generations. Rajiv Bakshi, after getting retired from his 9 to 7 job, has done the same thing —with a twist. Rather than sitting in an old armchair amidst a circle of grandchildren, he thought of writing a book which treasured his life’s experiences. 

‘Journey from Guwahati to Macchiwara’ is the author’s memoir of 35 years and brings out the journey of a young lad, who starts his first job at bank (with a meagre income) in Guwahati,in becoming a veteran senior manager at Macchiwara (his last posting). 

The author has presented his experiences in the form of  20 short stories. From the tales of homesickness, tangy wasp encounters to struggles of modernising, shopping disasters and, even, trips to Pakistan —the book features them all. 

Written in a quirky storyteller’s style with a banker’s commentry, the book is fun to read. The incidents are depicted in a simple and witty way, explaining the diversity of life. 

Though the stories are all good and interesting, I lacked the introduction of characters. The author has beautifully crafted the short stories but he hasn’t explained how the characters are connected with him, which can leave the readers in a dilemma whether the stories are personal experiences or a work of fiction. 

However, the book is a quick but an immersing read. Along with the freshness of a debut novel, the earnest old man’s advices by the  author gives it a fragrance of a well-preserved, dried flower. 

Reading this book is definitely going to give you a sitting-around-bonfire-hearing-stories kinda experience. Well, as of me, I found it more like hearing charming tales from my grandpa. 🙂

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Happy Reading. 😇


About the Author :

Rajiv Bakshi is a retired banker of 62. Apart from his interest in writing and sun-signs, he loves exploring different countries and their cuisines. Read his blogs here or connect with him on Twitter