I’ve been reading this book – Death at my doorstep – lately. Written by Khushwant Singh, this book gives space to several ideas on death and is a collection of obituaries of people – some famous, some not. 

Though the idea of death is gross and blood-curdling, Singh being a badass writer(with due respect) has presented his ideas in a humorous way. It was for his witty writing that I was able to read it.

Albeit our beliefs of living in the present, the thought of death is always there in the back of our subconscious mind. This book is an insight on that. However, I’m not reviewing the book here. 

The thing which caught my attention and made me think was the epitaph of himself written by Khushwant Singh, on the last page of the book. It goes like this:

Here lies one who spared neither man nor God 

Waste not your tears on him, he was a sod 

Writing nasty things he regarded as great fun

Thank the Lord he is dead, this son of a gun. 

Sparkling with wit, right? By writing such eulogy of himself, Mr. Singh gave me a cue that if we people can have a tombstone and the ability to decide our own epitaphs what will they be? 

Well, after doing some soul searching I came up with two epitaphs for myself :

1.Here lies a body whose soul is a story -An unending and undying tale..

Or maybe something funny like Singh, 

2.Finally found the love of her life-Sleep.. DON’T DISTURB !! 😜

So, what do you people think?? What will your epitaphs read? Let me know..