When I was born, 

I think she got 

The best gift of her life. 
Yes, I was awesome 

But became her toy 

She tweaked my nose 

And sketched on my face 

My torture – her pleasure 

My cries amused her 

A devil she was 

And I, her victim. 

When I grew somewhat 

Her irritation increased 

She used me 

For her chores 

“Close the door!! “

” Get a glass of water.. “

” Pick up the toys!! “

My madam ordered 

And I obeyed 

For she be the only  one 

With whom I played. 

Like animals we fought 

She clawed my hair 

I scratched her face 

And still we bear 

Scars from our brawls 

Like some brave soldiers.

My evergreen roommate 

My midnight companion 

For her, I was always 

A fool to be taught 

And lectured well.. 

But if I was a criminal 

Then she be my partner. 

Then time flew by 

And we started sharing 

Everything we had 

The dresses we like 

Even our favourite shoes 

We talk about crushes 

And have private laughs.. 

Our deepest secrets 

Our deadliest fears 

We know it all. 

We share our loads 

And know when, 

The other is lying 

And can see the tears 

Even if she’s not crying.. 

Ofcourse we still fight 

Then for teddies 

Now over boys 

But we can’t stay put 

For a long time 

Afterall whatever happens 

At the end, 

“Sisters are best friends.. “


PS : This one is dedicated to ” the slimmer version of me”.. 😅 My elder sister.. Coz I think birthdays are best time for dedications.. So happy bday Laado(that’s what I call her 😛)