The father who is more of a teacher. 

Subject – To have a word with you because we never “talk”. 

Dear Papa, 

This is to inform you that I’m your daughter. Well ofcourse you know it. But ironically we don’t behave like daughter and father. But more than that we’ve the relationship of a pupil and teacher. I wanted to write a letter to you, you know, but here’s an application. Because that’s how a teacher listens. 

Remember my first day at school. Inspite of being a teacher, you were adamant on not letting my hand go. It took so much effort for the ma’am there to separate us. And weren’t those days best when I used to sing poems sitting in your lap. I think that’s when the love for verses developed in me.

You know what I still wish for board exams again. Only to sneakily see you closing my books and sleeping only after tucking me under the blanket. 

The care you show when I get sick is the reason I ain’t afraid of those deadly injections also. 

When I was leaving home for hostel, the tears that you so perfectly hide away showed the tinge of dad in the strict teacher. 

I want to see more of these moments, Papa. Ofcourse I love you as you are but now I kindly request you to shift our formal relationship to the one that it should be. This father’s day, lets break the ice between us. 

Thank you. 

Yours loving daughter